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11 Interesting Fact about Nokia

Who don’t know about Nokia? Yes. It’s a Finland big factory that produce mobile phone.Nokia Logo

There some interesting fact about Nokia. Check it out

  1. The reality “Nokia Tune” ringtone based on guitarist in 19 century “Gran Vals” by Spanish musician, Fransisco T Rega
  2. At the first time, Nokia Music called “Grande Valse” by Nokia until it changed become “Nokia Tune” in 1998 until every people more know it with “Nokia Music”
  3. The first commercial GSM card made in 1991 at Helsinki through Nokia Network Supply by Prime Minister of Finland, Harri Holkeri that used Nokia mobile phone
  4. Nokia is the biggest camera maker in the world, in every camera sales that used in every mobile phone. Exceed the common way which used by camera maker.
  5. “Special” ring is available for Nokia mobile phone user when receive SMS (Short Message Service) in actual is morse code for “SMS”, up ring for SMS tone is morse code for “Connecting People”, Nokia’s slogan . “Standard” SMS ring is morse code for  “M” (Message)
  6. Nokia Corporate (Typeface) font is Agfa Monotype Nokia Sans font, which designed  by Agfa Monotype Nokia Sans font. Commonly, Nokia Mobile Phone Using Guide use Agfa Rotis Sans font
  7. In Asia, number 4 never used in Nokia mobile phone type because number for is unlucky number in Asia
  8. Nokia listed in 20 company which most admired in the world in Fortune List 2006 (First for communication company and fourth for non-US company)
  9. Not like other modern product, Nokia mobile phone doesn’t start automatically start call timer when connected, but when the conversation start (Except 60 serial like Nokia 6600)
  10. Nokia sometimes called  aikon (Nokia read inverted) by Nokia non-user and by software developer, because “aikon” used in every wrap mobile software SDK, include Nokia’s Symbian S60 SDK.
  11. Nokia name come from a river that flow through the city. That river, Nokianvirta, named like old vocab Finland that mean weasel, pine marten. This predator species that have a black fur once found at that place, but know they are extinct

That’s all some fact about Nokia. So what do you think? :)

Sorry if you ever read it. I just want to share about this. Thanks


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